Event-o-Mania: Myntra.com Bangalore Fashion Week

Hola Lovelies

Hope you all are doing supremely well. 
 I'm at home!!!Yeah had to take lots of sick leaves, as I caught boo-boo! Blame the constant rains in Mumbai and the viral infection in the air. But with loads of medicines and Mumma's care I'm doing much better now.

Now coming to today's topic. Most of you beauties out there who have checked out Myntra lately must have come across the Bangalore Fashion Week info. This event is slated to happen between the 7th - 10th August, Sheraton Bangalore, which means it's over.  Me hates!! Earlier the Comicon, now the Fashion Week!!! Why always Bengaluru??? I'm really hoping to get a transfer to Bangalore, wish I could! But that is such a distant dream.

Myntra.com Bangalore Fashion Week 2014

Anyways, more on the event...

Perseid Meteor Shower & You!!

Hola Lovelies!! 

Hope you all are doing great. The google doodle just caught my eye! Did you cupcakes notice? It is the Perseid Meteor Shower!!! Sounds so much fun. I never knew about it. Well seems like , this astrological event happens every year. How could I miss such a beautiful event! One look into the google images and you will go around running to find a telescope!!