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Hello everyone!!!!

I am Tata Nano GenX.

Today I write a guest post for The Sweet Life.
Sounds interesting, eh? ;) Why not? Read on to know more about the fun filled adventurous Sunday!
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My First Road Trip for 2015!!!

Hola My Lovelies,

Guess who is on the Indiblogger Page!!!!

Yayy I love it when people put my picture first!I'm so happy. This is a  beautiful moment. I think I might cry!Ok, so history!

A few days back, Indiblogger came up with a road trip and if you lived near Mumbai or Pune, you could apply for it without any pre-requisites.I applied for it, obviously! Who would miss an opportunity for a road trip that too, when you are guaranteed the company of amazing fellow bloggers!

Guess what? I got selected.Yet cherry on the cake was definitely the fact that I'm first on the list, at least on the webpage *evil laugh*.

So I'd request you better follow the GenX on their road trip unless you wanna miss all the fun!Find my twitter handle here


"Missing someone isn't about how long it has been since you've seen them or the amount of time since you've talked. It's about that very moment when you're doing something and wishing they were right there with you" - cahayawawa

Living alone in the fast paced life of Mumbai, if there is something that I have realized and started to acknowledge, it is the importance of Family and Home!

Life these days has become a series of realizations!

Like when we are young we don't realize the beauty of a home and a family to return to!It is only when we go out to make a life of our own in a strange city among strangers that the need strikes us hard!Two years into living alone and house hopping from one rented flat to another, one set of room mates to another, the urge for permanency has only increased manifold!

Press Release: Rolling Stone India March Cover Shoot

Women in the Indian music scene: Behind the scenes pictures form the cover shoot of our March issue, which marks the seventh anniversary of Rolling Stone India.

At the shoot for our seventh anniversary issue to celebrate some of the best female artists in the Indian alternative music scene. Monica Dogra of Mumbai electro rock band Shaa'ir+Func, Tipriti Kharbangar of Shillong blues band Soulmate, Mumbai-based vocalists Anushka Manchanda and Vasuda Sharma on the cover.

The Sunny Affair: Top Favorite Sunglasses!

Hola my cutie pies!
Hope you are doing great and enjoying the approaching summer! Ooh yes! It's only March and its hot as an oven here in Mumbai! Though I'm not the one to complain! Yet the harsh Sun does take its toll right from 10 in the morning to 5 in the evening. I can't even imagine going out without my shades in this super hot weather! Maybe I don't wanna imagine ;) What can I say! I love my shades!!

So today I'm going to share my top favorite shades. Take some hint and buy them all ;) As they say, there is one for every occasion! Enjoy the list!

Voguish dresses for Valentine's Day gifting!

Hola Lovelies!!!

A very very sweet and amazing Valentine's to all my lovely munchkins! God Bless you all with loads of love and happiness. So I just came out from the late night show of "ROY", the much awaited movie. Now I'm not half as sure about the movie as I am about Jacqueline's dresses!!!!*Me Drools*

Talk about the perfect Valentine Day Fashion Inspiration!! Now its easy for girls to choose a dress, but if you are one of the lucky guys to have the love of your life by your side but not the gift of your life, then you could definitely use this post for some help! And please don't ask me why you need to buy her a dress!! Girls are born pretty, then somewhere someone invented dresses and **it just got real!

 You need to watch Dhoom 3 and well, the various Hollywood movies where the guy leaves the dress on the girl's bed and asks her to meet for dinner!!Awww it is so romantic!!In simple words, it shows that you care.She will love you for this. So go ahead and make her feel like a Princess!

1) Never Blue