Voguish dresses for Valentine's Day gifting!

Hola Lovelies!!!

A very very sweet and amazing Valentine's to all my lovely munchkins! God Bless you all with loads of love and happiness. So I just came out from the late night show of "ROY", the much awaited movie. Now I'm not half as sure about the movie as I am about Jacqueline's dresses!!!!*Me Drools*

Talk about the perfect Valentine Day Fashion Inspiration!! Now its easy for girls to choose a dress, but if you are one of the lucky guys to have the love of your life by your side but not the gift of your life, then you could definitely use this post for some help! And please don't ask me why you need to buy her a dress!! Girls are born pretty, then somewhere someone invented dresses and **it just got real!

 You need to watch Dhoom 3 and well, the various Hollywood movies where the guy leaves the dress on the girl's bed and asks her to meet for dinner!!Awww it is so romantic!!In simple words, it shows that you care.She will love you for this. So go ahead and make her feel like a Princess!

1) Never Blue