Walk by the Canal

"She wandered in the world with her beauty abound
No one could see her eternal wound
She could be healed
The spell could be broken; 
if only it was love
She could break free and rise above
So she waited and wandered night and day
But fate had its cruel way
Unbeknownst to her, he was around
But was lost in the arms of another love, never to be found." - Ruhie
Hello Cupcakes,
Hope you are doing well! So morning walks are super peaceful! Don't you think so? I guess, there is a huge divide among morning and evening people. I have always loved early mornings. As much as I love sleeping in till late, I love taking long morning walks. I think I have my Dad to thank for that, because he made sure we went for our morning walks with him! Everything is so beautiful early in the morning. It's like everything is re-born. Then we have the birds chirping, the cool breeze to soothe our souls and the peace before the crazy city wakes up.
Dublin has many places where you can go for a good early morning walk. One such place is the Rathmines area. There is a beautiful pathway along the canal where you can jog or stroll. Although it's beautiful throughout the day, I feel it's most beautiful in the morning. 
The pathways is lined up with trees which makes it even more serene. It's like walking  in a path created by nature. But of course it's man-made. This picture was taken in the Winter, so the trees are bare. But now it's more beautiful because the trees are laden with leaves and beautiful flowers of different colors. But even without it, I don't feel the scene is any less!
The reflections or the fishes in the water of the canal, you can gaze at either. Maybe with your friend or even alone. You don't necessarily need company in such places, but it's good to have some.                                                             
The walk by the canal has a beautiful point somewhere near Rathmines near the Atlas School, where they have many swans and spots where you could just sit, relax and meditate. The swans are so graceful. They always remind me of my favorite ballet, "The Swan Lake". The tragic life of a girl stuck in the body of a Swan, only to be freed by the touch of true love. The story is sad, but the ballet is so mesmerizing.  
I find the canal,one of the best spots in Dublin for writers. It's the perfect spot to take your pen and diary, soak in nature's beauty and write your heart out. If you don't have anything else to do, you can always count the trees. I counted till 1586! Just Kidding! But you probably know that anyways.
Hope you enjoyed the pictures.
Loads of Love


  1. Beautiful post and place :)
    Keep sharing :D

  2. Looks like you are having fun. Great. :)
    The place looks great.
    Keep sharing more photos and keep writing. :)