Blog Policy & FAQ

Blog Policy and FAQ's!!!
Content Guidelines

How Often Do you Post? Holding a full time job, it often becomes difficult to manage all the facets of my life, while blogging at the same time. Often there are deadlines to projects or just exams or family problems which hold me back from my passion " Blogging". Also apart from posting on my own blog I make sure to always check comments, visit fellow bloggers as I strongly believe in the co-operation and love that exists in the blogging community.You can expect minimum a blog post every week (*unless I'm on a vacation or experiencing blogger burnout :P *) and you can rest assured that the post would be a quality post with interesting information, great pictures and loads of fun!!!

What kind of content do you cover- and what kind of content won't you cover? I love blogging about products which are beauty and fashion related, but I take the liberty to expand my blogging horizon every once in a while when I find something really worth to be shared!! 

Will you re-post press releases? Yes

Commenting Policies

Will you remove comments? If they are completely off track with only blatant links or self promotional lines or mean and hurting in any way or simply spam, THEY WILL BE DELETED!! Otherwise I love comments on my blog and I ALWAYS reply to every comment on my blog.You can sure leave links to your blog  as I strongly believe in networking in order to find new and interesting blogs and also to find out more about the people who comment on my blog.I always visit people who visit my blog. It's a part of my blogging principles and love.

Review Guidelines

Are you willing to do reviews? I'm open to receiving products for review.Whether you are a small business or a new etsy shop owner or a PR looking for product promotion. You can contact me for doing product reviews. I've previously collaborated with online websites for brand promotion and review. Please  email me at for further questions.

Please Note:The review I write will be based on my honest opinions about the product which could be positive as well as negative as I find it. I will point out all the pros and cons to my readers. The products sent are mine to keep and will not be returned in any case.The review will be up on the blog within a period of 7- 14 days.Please email me for any other questions you would like to ask.

Mail me your queries at: ruhie.the


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