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What kind of ads do you accept? I accept :
Banner Ads
Text Links
Sponsored Posts
Sponsored Video Content

Side Bar Sponsors: I currently have the above shown advertising option open for my blog, size of which can be changed upon further discussion.If you are interested in advertising your website or any other information to fashion and beauty alert population, you are most welcome to contact me.

Giveaways: I also love to share giveaways with my readers, where I do a post about your business, works and products and I encourage my readers to share the giveaway for more entries( policy can be set according to you ). You can also do a one time promotional giveaway, you don't have to be a sponsor for that.

You can be a :
Brand Outlet and Store
Etsy Shop
Fashion Blog
Media Person
Product Penetration
Independent Designer

"The Sweet Life" has had previous and current sponsorships and collaborations with:

For all policy and blog related FAQ's please refer FAQ section here.
Mail me your queries at: ruhie[dot]thesweetlife[at]gmail[dot]com


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